Our company, which operates in the real estate sector in Alanya, is working hard to provide you with the best service. For this purpose, it lists hundreds of different real estates in its portfolio, along with different alternatives, real estate ads suitable for every budget and taste.

Stage 1: Initial Interview and Appointment
As stated in the title above, after examining our real estate advertisements on our website, and then communicating via written and verbal communication tools (whatsapp, telegram, skype, email and telephone), we carry out pre-reservation studies for the relevant flat and on the day of your arrival. We finalize the relevant dates.

Stage 2: Arrival in Alanya and Welcome
If you need it for your arrival in Alanya, we welcome you at the airport and provide professional transfers for you to come to Alanya!

We host you in our villas or luxury apartments, which we believe are suitable for you and will provide your accommodation for your relaxation and rest before visiting the real estate advertisements that interest you before coming with you.

With a nice rest and a day when you wake up with the unique Alanya Nature, we can now go to review your dream apartment, villa or any real estate advertisement!

Stage 3: Portfolio Presentation and Disclosure
Our real estate consultants, each of whom are experts in their fields, offer you the most suitable real estate portfolio for your criteria, as well as informing about the region where the relevant real estate portfolio is located, social life and other information about the market, hospital, school, market place and official institutions that you may need.

The technical net specifications of the relevant building related to the flat you are interested in, the construction company's

4. Agreement and Official Transactions
After making an agreement on the most suitable real estate for your criteria among the real estate portfolios we offer you, we go to our office and sign the sales contract with you.

After the sales contract, we make an appointment for the sale of the relevant property to the Alanya Land Registry Directorate and take action for other official transactions!

After transactions such as Earthquake insurance, Alanya Municipality Real Estate Market Value, which are among the official transactions subject to real estate sales that must be applied by local and foreign people in Alanya, we go to the Land Registry Directorate on the day and time specified for the deed transfer transactions and complete the transactions!

5. After Sales and Other Operations
We provide you with after-sales support for extra services such as electricity subscription, water subscription, telephone, internet, TV broadcast, which you may need after the official sales transactions, and we direct you to companies that do their job professionally!

In addition, we assist you in repairs and painting, if needed, in the relevant real estate. If you wish, we can restore your apartment to your taste by interior architects and offer it to your use.

During your stay in Alanya, we provide regular controls of your real estate according to your requests, and we take the necessary controls and measures against an undesirable situation!